Assesment of Market Potential
Cybersport popularity was on the rise in Ukraine, the dedicated championships were gathering bigger and bigger audiences with every new event. These tournaments were mainly visited by young people with a higher than average level of income. No company on the market, however, were able to give a credible assessment of the market potential and real magnitude of such events to provide sponsors with a firm basis for the boost of investments in cybersport.
The Challenge
We had to evaluate the total addressable market for the cybersport events in Ukraine. Gather data from multiple sources to provide potential sponsors with information on the reach of the ad campaign the level of engagement, sociodemographic characteristics and gaming preferences of the event's audience.
Our Approach
We have gathered data from social networks, mentions in media, streaming services and other sources coming up with unified results describing the magnitude of the event, reach of sponsored content and audience characteristics.
This analysis armed our partners with the necessary data to attract new sponsors for future events. This was the first research of its kind for the Ukrainian market, it helped in generating hype and publicity for the organizers and made them a name to go for cybersport.
«newage. team took unconventional task and demonstrated out of the box thinking in the process of finding of the optimal solutions. Comprehensive research of WESG 2018 advertising potential armed us with data and insights to attract new sponsors for future events and develop market of cyber sports in Ukraine»
Valeriy Borovych
About newage.
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