Finding optimal frequency on a saturated market
MOYO is a second tier e-commerce player working in a highly competitive environment, capturing the smallest share out of top-5 e-commerce players in the country.
The Challenge
MOYO could not invest in marketing on the same scale as the category leaders, but still needed to grow its market share, therefore, we had to concentrate on the quality of the ad outreach.
Our Approach
We applied our proprietary methodology of 'Comprehensive Analysis' to identify the duration of the advertising effect to see how long do people remember MOYO's ads. We've run a test campaign accounting for both click-through and view-through traffic to see when the bulk of ad-exposed audience had stopped visiting the advertisers' website and needed a new push.
As it is seen from the chart, the maximum duration of the advertising effect took place over the first three days after the user saw the ad. A total of 3.8% of all ad exposed users that visited advertiser's website, showed up in this period. (>98% of them never clicked on the ad). We've set the campaign frequency at 3 per user per campaign. This analysis allowed to see the real lagged impact of the display ad campaign and set the frequency of ad exposure at the optimal level.
Applying optimal effective frequency, MOYO was able to get better results with fewer resources. The company was able to cut expenses on the inefficient noise (when users were shown the ad >3 times), and at the same time, maintained the maximum reach at the effective frequency. Over the time of the campaign, MOYO increased its market share by 5% eating into Allo and Citrus' market shares.
«Having a partner who understands our market and knows ins and outs of the display advertising ecosystem is huge for us! newage. team opened new horizons for us by implementing view-through and cross-device conversions traction. The insights we were able to get from this data took our analysis to a fundamentally new level. Working with newage. team gave us a competitive edge in a supersaturated market»
Elena Vorobchenko
Head of Acquisition Channels
About newage.
newage. is the digital solutions agency specialized in the analysis of display and video ad campaigns. We apply 'comprehensive analysis' that factors view-through conversion and cross-device user data to enable a 360-degree view of the real impact of your ad campaigns. We work to empower our customers with innovative solutions helping to get the most of their online marketing efforts.
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